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Radio edit - all regions not shuffling?


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Hey Guys

So I'm trying to cut bars for a radio edit and I can't figure out how to get all regions (audio and midi) to shuffle left when I make a cut. Not all of the regions are present where I make the cut, so only the cut regions are shuffling and regions appearing later don't shuffle. Probably approaching this the wrong way, drag set to shuffle left, but I'm sure I shouldn't need to manually realign those regions that aren't moving?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi David. Track stacks open, cutting with locators then deleting unwanted. Problem is that regions on other tracks aren’t shuffling accordingly. Seems like everything needs to have regions starting at bar one beat one or they don’t move. Because I’m not cutting anything if the region hasn’t yet started. So if I cut a bunch of stuff say, bars 4-7 and other track regions start at say bar 16 they’re the ones that aren’t shuffling.
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