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Unable to find Jump Up Bass in the Library

Jan Steele

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I'm working my way through your 10.5 book to acquaint myself with new features. On page 352 we are instructed to download Jump Up Bass in the Library following the path Synthesizer>Bass>Jump Up Bass. In my Library view at the moment I just have this appearing.




There is no Synthesizer option in the left hand column. There is however a synthesizer listed under Keyboards, but no Jump Up Bass there. There is however a Jump Up Bass loop in Loops.


As far as I know I have all available sounds installed. It seems to say that in the Sound Library Manager.

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Something must have gone wrong as you followed the steps of the exercises that lead you to that step on page 352. On your screenshot, the Library displays audio patches, which happens when an audio track is selected. However at that point the library should display software instrument patches. At the top of page 352, did you follow step 1 and Option-drag the drum track to create a duplicate?
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