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I didn't want to hijack another thread on here about File>Project Management>Consolidate… so here goes.


I have a project that's working fine but I have several vocal audio files in a separate folder inside the project folder but not in the Audio folder. After performing the "Consolidate…" function there's no change. I kind of expected the vocal files to be moved to the Audio folder but they weren't.


Is this normal behavior?

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Hmm that's not the expected behavior then. Could you maybe post some screenshots to share an example of an audio file that is used in the project that "Consolidate" is not moving to the audio files folder, so that we may be able to see what's going on exactly? How to attach files to your post


Otherwise, a surefire way to consolidate a project along with all the audio files it's using is to chose File > Save As and re-save the project under a new name, in another location, organized as a folder, with copy audio files into project selected.

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I experimented with saving to a new location and it worked. Thanks.


Since it only brought over the one .logicx file that brings another question about earlier iterations of the project. If I were to copy my old .logicx files of the project from the original folder to the new folder and then dispose of the original folder would the old .logicx files open properly in the new, consolidated folder?


I may do some testing on a trial project to see what really happens.

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