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Select specific beats in piano roll


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Great. This sounds like what I'm looking for, but not sure how to execute it. Say I have a minute or so of drums in a few different regions. All regions are selected and I'm viewing them in the piano roll. If I highlight one note that's exactly on beat 2, I would think this should select all the beat 2s going forward, but instead it's just selecting the first beat 2 in the second region, third region, etc. Would I have to chop this up into individual bars to make it work? If I consolidate the regions and try again, the subposition doesn't select anything.
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Appreciate your help! This screenshot shows what is highlighted after selecting same subpositions.


I've had problems using the select overlapping notes function as well. Instead of it selecting any notes that are on the same pitch at the same time (like a double trigger from my midi controller) it'll select the same notes on different pitches vertically (I think?). Maybe I have some weird preference selected...


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