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Accidentally deleted a sound effect


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So I just finished recording a distorted guitar track in logic, and I was getting ready to record a second track. When the new track popped up, the settings from the previous track were there, so I wanted to remove them. I somehow ended up removing it completely from logic pro, and I actually see it sitting in the trash bin on my desktop. I'll walk you through where the effect is supposed to be.


When the track was selected, I clicked on the "setting" button. This brought up a pop-up with things like "next channel strip setting/previous channel strip setting", and the word "legacy" on the bottom. When you hover over that, you'll see another pop-up with "logic" or "GarageBand" as your options. Hover over logic and you'll see another pop-up that says "01- spaces/02- electric guitar, etc". Then hover over "electric guitar" and then hover over "05 distort." Then "02 distort dry (fuzz)".


Here you'll see all the dry distortion effects. The problem is, I somehow managed to delete the effect that was labeled "small British fuzz stereo." I've tried looking into other tracks, and restarting the program without saving my changes. It's still not there. I can see it in my recycling bin, but I don't know how to restore it.


Can anyone please help? I really loved that sound effect, and I would be devastated if this was a permanent thing that I've done.





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