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Working on a console, Ping roundtrip latency?


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I've spent so much time trying solve this problem and I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution


I mix on a large format mixing console, from Logic. That all works well part from one problem. If I record back IN to logic from the console either the stems/channels back from the desk or indeed the mix bus. There is a huge discrepancy in time between the two


To be more clear. Imagine I have a drum loop going out of logic into channel one on the SSL, I then set up a new audio channel in logic with the INPUT set to the direct out from SSL channel 1


Now, The I/O plugin works a dream when you're dealing with an individual tracks, but doesn't work in the context where you're recording back into logic on an audio channel. I need this so that I can record groups, busses etc back in


Currently I use a digital click to manually line everything back up, which is fine but you can't get things lined up phase accurately, or as far as I can tell


So I'm interested in two options


1 - a way of Pinging/working out the roundtrip delay, so that I can phase accurately record back in (it varies I believe depending on how many plugins there are running on the session)



2 - a reliable, phase accurate method for aligning between two audio clicks. As a note, when you record a click back in from analogue, it doesn't appear as a click but more as a saw wave, so its quite tricky to accurately line them up


Any ideas, thoughts, solutions, greatly appreciate.

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I have found in the same situation, that if I place a send, post fader, in the channel with the I/O plugin, I can then take the output of the send, have it go into an audio channel in logic through a bus, there is no delay.


Thanks for your reply.


I use this method all the time for printing individual tracks, say for example running a track through a chain of outboard. But the specific problem I have here is that I'm trying to record back things like the mix bus and busses from the console and unless I've yet to figure out a way of doing it, that can't be done with and I/O plugin


Let me offer an example as I realise its probably a bit nice. My mix goes out to 64 channels, it might be that I then want to print back my drum bus from the console, so that I can say free up a piece of outboard to use elsewhere, or feed it in parallel underneath the existing mix.


Thanks again

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