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Drum Machine Designer Library Icons?


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Hello fellow Logic users,


Here is a weird question regarding Drum Machine Designer. Do you know if there is a list somewhere of all the Electronic Drums Kits and their corresponding hardware instruments (when applicable ofc). Besides the named TR-606, 808, 909, Simmons etc., I'd like to know if other not so descriptively named presets like "Pulsar" or "Neon" are modelled after another hardware.


What got my attention is that in the library each Kit is represent by one of the three available icons - MPC, Roland and the third one I could not recognise.




Stay safe,


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Ah, yes. Great catch, could be just that! A few months back me and my team got our hands on a Pulsar-23 to play with it a bit



This thing is wild!


Anyway, if there is no such list already, maybe we can start filling for it. Anybody who knows something about the inspirations behind Electronic Drum Kits please write here.

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