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One key does not play a sound

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The other day my midi keyboard started to act weird. All keys works normal except the third "D" key. Instead of playing a tune from any software logic instrument, the instrument chooser goes up, to the sound above the current one in the list and picks it. (just like would have used the arrows on my typing keyboard)


I have tried Garageband, and it works fine, also changed my keyboard, but the problem remains. Struggling through numerous of forums trying to find an answer, but without any luck.


I have restarted logic, I have reset all midi channels, but nothing works.

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Thank you so much, it worked when I bypassed all control surfaces.

The assignment window was empty, so I couldn't delete anything.




That probably means you either opened the wrong window, or you didn't scroll, because I am 100 % sure that D is assigned to something.


Did you check all your modes and zones (if you have any)? If you don't have zones and modes, did you scroll down?


If the "Learn" button is blue, that means learn mode is active and the first incoming MIDI message will be assigned to something. Learn mode is toggled by cmd-L, so it is easy to activate it by mistake. Many people hit cmd-L and then play something on their keyboard; the note that was struck first will then be assigned, and once a note is assigned to a controller in Logic Pro it is no longer available to trigger instruments.




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Hm, now I am really confused.

This is how it looks in my logic, it has the latest updates, but does not look like yours. (have to say I am really bad at this in logic)

Apparently you don't have any controller assignments.


Also choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Advanced Tools, and select all advanced options.

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