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two template questions


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I saved a project as a template because I liked the way it was set up, but I neglected to clean it up beforehand. No big deal, I can go back and clean it up and make a new template, but I'm curious: if I were to delete unused files, backups, and media browser files in this template, will it affect the original project? Or, because it is a template, does it have its own set of unused files, etc.?


Also, how do I delete a template? I have several experimental ones I've made over the years that I don't use. Not that they cause me any trouble existing, but I'd like to eliminate the visual clutter.


Thanks for your help, as always!



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If you delete FILES in the project file browser, this will affect every other Logic project using the same files (if any). If you delete only the references to those files from the project file browser, this won't affect any other Logic project. Make sure you master the difference, it's of paramount importance!


Unless you're 110% sure of what you're doing, I would strongly recommend that you first save the project on an external drive, make sure it's self contained (check the project folder structure, check that all audio files listed in the Project File Browser are referencing files inside the Audio Files folder inside the project folder), and disconnect that external drive before cleaning up your template.


One can never be too careful.

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Honestly I would just learn to master everything about how Logic files and their referenced media files work to avoid any surprises down the road. If you don't actually do any destructive file deleting then you'll be fine. Experimenting is key here so if you have time do spend the time experimenting with a dummy project (with some dummy audio recordings) to make sure you grasp the behavior without actually losing anything.
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OK, I should probably start another thread because it seems I have a much bigger problem. I haven't had time to try anything you mentioned above but I opened Logic just now and all my templates are gone, without me having done a thing. Not only that, but my most recent project is gone. It's not listed in the "Open Recent" drop-down and it is missing from my external drive. I have no idea what happened.
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