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Question re MIDI and exporting MIDI takes as new tracks

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Hi again everyone.


I'm always really grateful for the knowledge on this forum. This is my latest question. I'll try to explain it clearly but please ask if you think I've missed an important detail.


I am recording a Roland V-Drums kit into Logic and I record both the audio (out via USB into my Mac) and the MIDI data, which is recorded into a MIDI track with Superior Drummer 3 loaded. I then record multiple takes of both MIDI and audio at the same time.


This evening, I exported two of the best takes into new tracks (so there were 2 good MIDI takes and 2 good audio takes which each match the other) and then put each pair into a Track Stack. However, when I came to mute each stack, muting was behaving strangely on the MIDI tracks - it was as if, even though each MIDI track appeared separate in Logic, they were both linked, regardless of being in different stacks. Muting one would mute the other and vice versa.


I've found a workaround and I'm happy with how things are in the project now, but I'm curious as to why this happened. Does anyone know?



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You exported the MIDI takes to new Tracks, but both Tracks play through the same Software Instrument. So if you mute one of these Tracks, you're really muting that one SI channel, so neither Track sounds anymore. There's three ways to handle this. You can:

1. click the power button of a Track instead of its mute button. This mutes the Track from sending signal instead muting of the receiving channel

2. mute the Regions individually

3. duplicate the target instrument and thus have two truly independent signal paths



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