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Gain plugin to convert automation to from Volume


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Hi all


I'm trying to convert volume automation data into gain automation in a trim plugin.


When you convert Volume automation to Gain plugin Gain (by holding down optn and clicking on the lane parameter), the gain automation is not relative to the volume automation in db. Possibly one is linear and one is logarithmic...? Eg volume automation curve from -5db -> -14db converts to -33db -> -60db in Gain plugin


Is there a way round this? or is there a gain/trim plugin that is relative to Logic track volume

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I still don't understand and here's why: Why would you want to write wrong sounding Automation in the first place and then convert it into right sounding Automation only to find that you couldn't hear the wrong sounding Automation right so it would sound wrong even after converting into right sounding Automation ?


Automate the Compressor's Input Gain knob directly or a separate Gain plugin upstream and be done with it, no ? If you want to use a hardware controller, use either Automation Quick Access to directly write the correct parameter or set up a Smart Control.

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Are you ok, mate? You've done this on two of my posts now. You've completely misunderstood the goal of the post and then argued emphatically for your completely unrelated and so unhelpful solutions with a condescending tone, making it clear that you assume I'm a beginner. You've made me abandon two posts now.


Why not do someone the courtesy of assuming they have some knowledge and try to understand the nuance in their statement or question and then act accordingly. It will do you well on forums and in life too. If you don't know enough to understand the nuance in the question, then ask more questions or don't respond.

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I have no idea what you're talking about.


I tried to help you here:






and here



None of which is aimed at your level of expertise with Logic or your general grade of intelligence. If you read that into my posts, I will gladly take you off the list of people I'm trying to help.


Best of luck.

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The Germans _do_ have a certain "directness" and "instructional" way with words.. and it can come off kind of insensitive and rude. I lived and worked there for 3 years so I get it. And Fuzzfilth was only trying to be helpful!



You're looking an answer you're not going to get, unfortunately. I thought about building a quick Bidule/Reaktor gain plugin to see if the Volume fader scaling could be converted to a matched Gain scale.. but I'd need to do a lot of tests to understand how it's scaled and I haven't got the time right now, sorry. And you'd need Bidule or Reaktor to use it.


It seems someone else (probably not the first or last) was looking to achieve this a few years ago and since that scaling functionality hasn't been added to the Automation Conversion tool, I doubt the answer has changed.




Another way you could solve is just by routing; route the channel to a Bus and put your compressor and everything after it on that channel. Then your Volume fader automation will remain doing what you want. Than you can use a Gain or the Comp Input level to control volume downstream.

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