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Logic Remote Not Connecting to Logic


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Logic Remote used to work fine, now it constantly disconnects from Logic.


I've tried:

-Resetting the Wifi

-Erasing my Logic.10 cache and AU cache. I've done this by find the files in the Cache folder in Library, and erasing them.

-Restarting Logic, Restarting Logic Remote, restarting the ipad and Macbook Pro.

-I've also reinstalled Logic 10.5.

-I've updated the Logic Remote App to latest Version.

-I've updated my OSX

-I've tried erasing the iPad from the 'Control Surface' panel, found in Logic Pro > Control Surfaces > Setup. This didnt' really help before, as I was still getting the problem. But oddly, now I can't even erase the 2 ipads that are displayed there.

Sometimes it works on a fresh new Logic session, sometimes it doesn't appear at all.

'Paul D Macbook' appears on the ipad 'connect' dialogue box but when I select my 'Paul D Macbook', it just says 'Attempting to connect to Paul D Macbook'.


What I'm using:

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) - 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7

Logic 10.5.1

OS X 10.14.6

Ipad Air 2

ios 13.6.1

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