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"audio file... not found"


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apologies in advance for a very basic newbie question: I was doing some early audio recording tests and after a prompt or two wound up with several giant aif files in my User>Music>Logic folder. Since I won't be using them again I trashed them, but now whenever I open a new song or launch Logic, I have to skip through "audio file ... .aif not found" warnings. I've tried trashing the prefs and clearing those filenames in the autolaud song's audio window, and as far as I can tell the files aren't in use by any of the lso files in my system, so how do I get Logic to stop looking for them?
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When one song gives you a warning like "audio file [xx].aif not found", you should open the song and look at the audio window for [xx].aif. It will not have a waveform and be grayed out, but see if it was used in the Arrange or not, and if it was an important file for the song or not. If not, then delete it from the Audio window of that song and save the song again. If it was important, then look for it on your hard drive or on your backup volume.


Good luck!

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