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Maschine MK3 Logic Integration


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HI all,


Integrating Maschine MK3 into Logic for drums. Whenever I complete a drum pattern in MK3 and drag the pattern into Logic, Logic automatically populates the tracks with a bunch of default Logic instruments. My drums are essentially taken out and these instruments play the pattern (see attachment).


Please help. All I want to do in the end is drag about 4-6 drum tracks into Logic, and use the other tracks in Logic for whatever I'd like.





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That initial track where you've instantiated Maschine, are you setting that up as a multi-timbral track? Looks like right now it's creating (or changing) a bunch of tracks and putting each channel in your pattern onto Channel 1 of the next track, when it should be on the next channel of the same track (visually represented by multiple track lanes).
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1 - Open Maschine 2 plugin.

2 - Where it says "MASTER GROUP SOUND" select GROUP.

3 - Select the "knob" icon on the immediate left of the word "MASTER" instead of the "plug" icon

4 - Select "Input"

5 - Choose Drumkit under "Key mode"


From this point onwards, as you drag out your midi, all sounds will be put under one track - your original track. If you want to drag out individual drum parts, you must enter "keyboard mode" in maschine and THEN drag out the midi, this way Maschine will export the midi for the individual part and not the whole kit. If you want to have a different track for each drum part, you either need to make a multitimbral track or have an independent instance of Maschine for each part. Both implementations are, IMHO, really poor, but that's what you get with Maschine.


After spending a whole year with it, I've concluded that Maschine has horrible integration with DAWs (not just Logic, all of them) and is, in my opinion, a sub par drum sequencer to use inside DAWs. As a word of personal advice, you would be MUCH better off with Logic's drum machine designer, if you were open to do away with the maschine hardware. If you love the hardware, you'll have to put up with the horrible DAW implementation, or lack thereof.


Best of luck and I hope you can solve your problem!

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