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How do i get better at producing on logic pro x?


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ive seen advice to just practice and practice but i dont know how to. i can record my music but dont know much else. i know what i want to do with a specific section of a song but i dont know what its called so im frustrated because i dont even know what to look up. so i guess the only thing i can do is learn all the tools in the program but how? should i get a teacher or some kind of book? thanks.
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I would recommend you start with my book! I wrote it with people like you in mind. It should cover the foundations, the bases you'll need to get off the ground. From there you can start asking us more pointed questions here on the forum and we'll help you!


And keep producing, and keep listening to music. The more you produce (and get frustrated because you can't get a certain result), the better you'll be able to hear things in the music you listen. And the more you hear stuff in the music you listen, the better you'll get at knowing what you want to do to the tracks in your mix. And then you can ask question such as "how do I get my hi-hat to sound thin, crispy and defined like in that song or the guitar to sound warm, mellow and enveloping like in that other song?

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