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Can hear audio in two tracks

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We are trying to record a vocal, getting there save a few issues, the latest one is this;

We are currently recording Track 105. All other recorded tracks are 'closed', so audio is being picked up (the little sound-bar thing is the track header is grey/still). However, Track 100 is picking up audio from the mic - it's hugely distracting. All of the settings are the same (we haven't changed a thing), all we've done is create a new track - 101 to 104 were fine, and done today. 105 is open and ready, but why is 100 also picking up sound? It's not recording to Track 100, but the green sound bar thing is reacting to sounds picked up by the mic.


Any ideas?


And please accept my apologies for the lack of technical language!

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Hi! Thanks for the quick response!


Not on the track header - but we have found our way into a super mixing panel and found the 'I' button talked about everywhere.. and switched it off!


Any idea why it might have switched itself on?

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