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Keyswitches w/o Midi Event


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Hello Logic Gurus (cause let's admit it, that's what y'all are!),




Spitfire BBC Symphony Pro

Logic Pro X latest version

intermediate/advanced (myself)


I have - a long time ago - mapped all the articulations in Spitfires plugin to my midi keyboard. I got 16 pads on my keyboard, all of them assigned to C#-1, D-1 etc. The plugin interface reacts beautifully to it. In my DAW, I created articulation settings for all of the instruments in this plug in. So I choose violins 1, i choose the BBC Strings Articulation settings. Photo attached is screenshot of the articulation settings specific for the strings.

Now, when I play a melody in through my keyboard, I suddenly get midi events popping up in those lower octaves whenever I make an articulation change. When I delete them, the articulation gets lost at playback (I can still select it manually through the dropdown menu).


What the h happened? It always worked fine without creating these midi events. I did just download another sample library that I effed around with and I am wondering if there is a simple setting I changed for this to be happening now? Last thing I want is those events cluttering up my scores, I export all of it to sibelius as I will have to make parts for orchestra.


Thank you, all knowing masters of Logic. I am eternally grateful for your support






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When I delete them, the articulation gets lost at playback.


This means there was never an articulation ID attached to the note -- just keyswitches embedded in the region. Delete the keyswitches > lose the patch change.


When it is activated (highlighted in orange), the plugin interface no longer responds to me pushing the pads on my keyboard.


This is what needs to be solved. In the first case, the pads are just sending notes, the notes are recorded, and they work as simple keyswitches. In the second case, you need Switches / MIDI Remote to intercept the MIDI information (in this case, pad note data), use it to imprint an articulation into the note, and then stop the pad notes from going any farther. If you can't get this to work, the best Articulation IDs can offer is the hand-assigning of notes or hand-setting notes to be recorded.


I'm assuming the note pads and your master controller are one in the same -- that is, you don't have a second smaller keyboard just for MIDI controllers. Still, what you're attempting should be do-able (and in fact has been working). I am assuming you've verified that the note pads are sending C-1, C#-1 etc.


By the way, a small, humorous, possibly-helpful fact to anyone puzzling their way through Articulation Sets. I'd keep hitting my remote triggers, look at my third party software, see that it was not changing the patch, and figured it wasn't working. Only when I *played the note* would the right articulation pop in.

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