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5.5.1 WIN XP LAW Max Ram Question


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Any of you guys her using Logic 5.5.1 on Win XP and using more than 1Gig of Ram?


I have my auto load, loaded with 4 instances of Battery 2, all with approx 64 drum and perc hits, and this is slowing down my work rate. I want to add more Ram..but know there are issues with that, but also there are some tricks to getting round it. Can anyone advise.

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Just did a test to find out what you were asking for : I fired up Logic and inside Logic I inserted Jamstix (virtual drummer plug-in) with its default built-in drumkit and four instances of BFD Stereo each using a different kit in order to use the maximum quantity of RAM. Before launching Logic the Windows task manager reported 235Mo of RAM in use and after loading all of the above it read 1.89 Go RAM used. All was running smoothly at 20ms latency using my EMU 1212M soundcard. BFD was streaming its samples from an external firewire connected Maxtor One drive. I was myself amazed to see all this running without any glitch for about 10 minutes (I stopped the test after 10min ). Conclusion ? Maybe Logic can really use all the RAM up to 2Go .....
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