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Regular Piano Sounds for MIDI Keyboard

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So I'm trying to make some chords on logic, but I want to use a basic piano sound.

How can I use my MIDI keyboard to get the sound of a Grand Piano for example.

I've searched in Alchemy, but I wasn't able to find a basic piano.


I go to "create a software track" to lay down midi notes.

If I select "create External MIDI track", there are no sounds to choose from.


I'm sure its a simple thing, but I'm still learning lol

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I was able to when I created a new software track with an empty channel strip.

I was just creating a software track with the default setting "Alchemy" and then tried to find a basic piano sound.

I'm attaching a screenshot of what I was trying to do.


But I figured it out! I just have to choose "empty channel strip" when I make a new software track.

Thank you!



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Good to hear you found a way.


If you're ever again in a situation where you already have an instrument such as Alchemy loaded and want to go back to seeing all your Patches, not just the Alchemy settings, in the Library, click to the left of the Setting button at the top of the channel strip to move the blue triangle to that slot:



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