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Little Alterboy is causing my audio files to stutter - any ideas?


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Here's a screen recording showing the dry drum audio being played, compared with the audio playing while Soundtoys' Little Alterboy is on the channel. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this stuttering/glitchiness is occurring? I have my buffer size set to 512 and my computer is a brand new, top of the line 16-inch Macbook Pro.



The drums are perfectly clean and in-time when Alterboy is turned off, but suddenly get stutter-y and glitchy when I turn it on.


I've also used Little Alterboy on my drums for around half a year without any problems, when all of the sudden, yesterday, I started encountering this issue. Let me know if there's a solution to this!



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Also, I've realized that the problem has now retroactively appeared on all of my projects, including one where it wasn't happening before.


I have reset the NVRAM and SMC on my computer, and I've made sure it's not an interface issue. I also found that opening a completely new project from a blank template and using the Little Alterboy does not produce the problem.


It also seems that there are other issues starting to pop up around my projects now such as stuttering/lagging audio on other tracks that don't even use the Little Alterboy.


I'm freaking out. I don't want to lose all my work over this.

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Plugin Delay Compensation changed with the latest update apparently.

I didn't update because some users were complaining about it, and usually I don't update right away.


I guess certain 3rd party plugins and their latency calculations don't play nice with Logic.

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