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No MIDI output. Help please!


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Hello, my Oxygen 49 MK VI keyboard was having trouble.


Sometimes some random notes would cut out and after hitting MIDI reset they'd just play with unwanted sustain (I don't have a pedal) before cutting out again.


Then one note opened the preferences window.


I then opened controller assignments despite not knowing how to use it and deleted some things. I don't know if that is where this problem is coming from.


Now no MIDI output exists, even for the on-screen keyboard despite the input being registered (I can play a chord and its name is displayed on the display bar).


Can you help?


Thanks very much!

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So you have a checkmark in that menu in front of Bypass All Control Surfaces, yes?


Now let's see the MIDI events your keyboard is sending. To the right in your LCD display in Logic's control bar at the top, click the little down arrow symbol, and choose Custom. Now you should see a MIDI in monitor.

1. Press and hold a key on your keyboard. You should see a Note on event (little musical note symbol).

2. Release the key on your keyboard. You should see a Note off event (crossed out musical note symbol).


Is that the case?

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No, there's no "live input" that works. The input is registered, but no sound is produced. The activity monitors/volume slider thingies (next to the panning knobs on the tracks) don't register anything, even with musical typing.
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