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Bounce In Place Audio Missing


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Good day,


I have done a Bounce In Place on a region. I saved my Logic session as a folder and checked 'Audio Files', however, when I move the project into a new folder and open in, I get a message saying that the audio for my Bounce In Place region was not found in its expected location, and they prompted me to locate the file before opening the project. When I choose 'Skip' in that message, the Bounce In Place region was missing.

It opens without the message when the Bounce In Place audio is in the same folder as the project.

However, I am required to have only the project in a folder. Is there a way to do this without having the Bounce In Place audio in the same folder, and make the project open without the message?

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Why do you need to move the Bounce in place region from the Project folder?

If you need that file somewhere else, you can go to the Finder, find the Audio Files folder of the Project, locate the bip file, right-click and select copy, and then go to the new folder and click paste.

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It is for an assignment. I am required to submit a zipped folder only containing the project and its bounced file, and nothing else. Other students in my class have done this and did not get a pop-up message like mine.

Since I am sending this zipped folder to someone, I am worried that the BIP file would be missing since they do not have the BIP audio on their computer.

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I think you're confusing bouncing in place a region with bouncing a mix or project?

When you bounce a project (Command-B on keyboard) it will bounce the project based on the cycle range you established, usually from the beginning of he project to the end of the last region.

This file will be in the bounces folder of the project which is created automatically. No need to move anything.

After you bounce the project, the mix file will be there and you can zip the folder.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

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