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Controller Assignment Bug

J Thunder

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Hey All,


Just experiencing this bug today and am at a loss for how to solve.


Current Setup:


MBP 2019 - 2.3 gHz - Intel 8-core i9

Logic Pro 10.6.2

UAD Apollo Twin Duo TB2 - UAD Satellite Octo TB3

Novation 49SLMk3

Akai MidiMix


I know Controller Assignments has always been fraught, but this one is new to me.


So, every now and again, the SLMK3 "In Control" integration feature gets a bit buggy and requires a re-install- as well as a "refresh" of the Logic Pro user preferences. This "refresh" includes trashing the "com.apple.logic.pro.cs" file from the Preferences Library and resetting my controller assignments from scratch.


It's tedious, yes, but it's usually not a problem; just time consuming.


Specifically, I like assigning my Akai MidiMix to control a variety of synth instruments, including RetroSynth and EFM1.


So, I did one of my SLMK3 "refresh" processes earlier today and upon booting everything up again, I followed these steps:


1) go to Controller Assignments, Expert View


2) click the "+" to add a new Zone for my Akai Midimix


That's where is gets weird. Instead of allowing me to create a new zone, the software keeps navigating to the "faders" zone and won't let me select anything else.


I literally cannot create a new zone, at all. The only zone it will let me select and view (for more than a split second) is "Faders".


I have restarted everything, multiple times. It hasn't resolved.


I have attached a screen video to illustrate.


Any ideas or suggestions would be VERY much appreciated!




Controller Assignment Glitch

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When you have a working controller assignment config, create a backup copy of the cs prefs. Then, at some later date, if your assignments go funky, all you have to do is trash the cs prefs, and copy and rename your backup prefs, and everything will be working again. I have a script to do this so I can easily “fix” my assignments when it happens...
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