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Bass sound on Billie Eillish's "Your Power"

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I love those subtle bass stabs that come in during the pre-hooks.

Does anyone know how that was done or how something similar

could be done. I can't tell if it was just played on a keyboard like

that or if it's being triggered by something else.

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I can hear two of them. First at 1:03 what sounds like a double bass pizzicato. then later at 1:21 a synth bass stab.


Those sound like the simplest sound. I would start with a synth such as ES2 or Alchemy and start by dialing a simple sine wave, then program the notes with the right pitch, the right octave, and the right note length. Once that's done start cycling over a section of your note programming while tweaking the envelope (attack and release) to get the desired sound.


I don't think you need to look much further than that?

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Hi David,


Yes! Thank you so much for checking that out. I'm gonna try the double bass pizzicato. I just love the minimal nature of it; but it especially in that song it's adding another texture against the mostly acoustic guitar gtrs. Thanks for your guidance:)

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You're welcome.


BTW best advice I've received from a sound designed when trying to copy a sound is: start by getting in the rough ballpark but very quickly spend a little time getting the exact same notes, same length, same accents (if any), same melody, same performance, same pitch bend (if any) etc... THEN and only then continue fine-tuning the sound to get closer. But if you're trying to copy the sound without first copying the performance then it's much more difficult.

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