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Logic's own Vintage B3 stops project from loading


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I have a project which fails to load about 50% of the time. Here's what happens:


I choose the project. The small window then lists the plugins it is loading. When it gets to "Vintage B3 organ" the progress stops. The app doesn't actually crash, but under Force Quit it lists "Logic Pro (not responding)." I quit Logic and reopen the project, which generally opens successfully on the second try.


Most of the plugins used in this project are stock. There are some 3rd party but only those that haven't caused any problems in the past.


It strikes me as odd that Logic's own code (the organ) would appear to cause the thing to freeze. That's a new one for me.



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Good idea. I created a Vintage B3 organ-only project and it opened many times over the course of the day with no difficulties. So most likely the project giving me difficulties is either corrupted or there's a conflict with a 3rd party plugin, right?
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On a whim I did this:


I got the project to open, removed the Vintage B3, saved, closed the project, quit Logic, and restarted the iMac. Then I reopened the project, reinstantiated the Vintage B3, saved, closed the project, quit Logic, and restarted the iMac. Since then I have been able to open the project with no difficulties.


I don't know that this actually remedied the underlying problem, whatever it may have been. (For all I know I may be presented with the same difficulty the next time I try to open the offending project.) There are times when I want to "get to the bottom" of one of Logic's digital glitches. There are other times when I just want to make music. In this case I opted for the latter option.

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Haha yes I completely hear you. Most of the time all you want to do is just move on with your work without the problem. In fact my general thoughts are: if I get the problem only once or twice, just try to find a workaround (like you did) to make it work for now, no matter how. If I keep getting the problem on a regular basis and it's hindering my workflow, then take the time to test it thoroughly so I can try to find a more lasting solution.


But good to hear you're up and running with this one and thanks for sharing your workaround. :)

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