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Undo Stops Working


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Hi! I just bought a new iMac. Big Sur 11.2/Logic Pro 10.6.2.

Big problem: The Undo feature (Under Edit) randomly stops working in that it greys-out and Command Z stops working as well displaying a message that says: Command Not Available Because there are no Undo Steps.

Is this something I can resolve or this on your end in that you have to fix this bug and update.

This is a huge problem, in general, but especially when scoring on a deadline.

The only way it seems to get solved is by quitting and restarting Logic. Clearly, this not acceptable.




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Hi Triplets,

The standard 100 which was the same in my last computer and never had this problem. Granted, it was an older version of Logic I had been using for quite a while. I don't know if it's the fact that it's literally the latest version of Logic (on a new computer) and maybe it's still glitchy.

In another forum someone posted (in regards to this same problem someone else encountered) "to turn on both "Mixer" and "Plug-in" buttons in the Undo History pop-up. I just did that, so we'll see if it works. Again, it happens at random so it's a matter of trying and seeing if it happens again.

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