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Export all files as mono tracks


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I have researched this a bit but I still haven't found an elegant solution to exporting all the tracks from a project as mono files. The closest I was able to get was by turning off all automation. Is it it possible to export all files, keeping mono files as mono, while retaining automation?


The mix engineer we are working with (protools) wants to avoid stereo files when possible. Anything that wasn't recorded in stereo should be mono. If I can't export all files in logic is there a 3rd party software that can batch the files?


Thanks in advance for any help


Logic 10.4.8

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I was just about to download stereomonoizer, thanks! David, I tried what you suggested and it still outputs a stereo wav. Not sure why but I can't get it to bounce/export a mono file. Thanks for responding!



Hey Rob,


I do vaguely remember it being buggy... I’ll have to try again when I get back into my studio.

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