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Library and Channel Strip Settings Crashing Logic 10.6.2


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I'm running Logic 10.6.2 on Big Sur 11.3 on a 2017 5k iMac (18,3) and am experiencing crashes anytime I try to access either the Library or Channel Strip Settings, either via mouse or Key Command. Anybody else experiencing this bug? I notified Apple last week and have not received any response. It's killing my workflow...




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Just to be clear, are these the prefs I should trash (located in ~/Library/Preferences)?







Thanks, I’ll try that. I’m hoping I can reload my saved version of the .cs file as I have quite a few customized control surfaces.



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Re-downloaded program, Library is in default location, same crash occurring. I'm perplexed (with 24 years on Logic I'm pretty sure this is a legit bug, but no word from Apple yet) Think I'm looking at going back either an OS or a program version because any workflow is super disrupted by this. I'll keep updating here. Thanks for the recs!
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