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Option to MANUALLY enable/disable Record Arm for Instrument Tracks (same behaviour as Audio tracks)


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As I work with an almost 1000 track orchestral template, naturally it will strain the CPU.


Because of Logic's (quite clever) way of dealing with this is using two separate buffers, one for an record armed track (with lower latency) and one for the rest (with higher latency), it would be beneficial to be able to disable the extremely annoying behaviour of Logic constantly automatically enabling Record Arm when selecting an instrument track.


There are plenty of reasons to select a track that has nothing to do with recording. During mixing when jumping around with motorised faders doing adjustments. Copy/pasting stuff on the fly. Displaying the channel strip on the left side of the arrange window to edit some EQ or similar. Etc. Currently this results in pop/crackles on the selected track if there's a CPU demanding plugin on it. So I have to select track, stop playback, manually remove the record enable, press play.


It should be a simple fix. It doesn't add any new functions in the framework.

- An option to manually Record Arm.

- If an Instrument Track is not record enabled, use the higher buffer (currently it seems to be some kind of "middle ground" behaviour, not sure exact what). It should not be given any priority over other instrument channels. Multithreaded of course.

- If it's enabled, the lower buffer and/or single thread depending on settings.

- If enabled in the middle of playback (as it is possible to now by selecting a track during playback), just have the exact same behaviour as now.


The current workaround is to keep an empty audio track on the top of the project, which I have to select every time I press play. Which destroys the workflow.


All I want is the option to choose.



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6 minutes ago, Houseoflogic said:

Please Apple God's Bring us this feature- I have THE EXACT SAME ISSUE! Has this been fixed???

The behavior of the R buttons has changed since the writing of the original post of this thread. You can now manually R-enable instrument tracks, and if no instrument track is manually R-enabled then we're back to the old behavior (incoming MIDI is routed to the selected track). 

I suppose you could keep an external MIDI track manually R-enable to avoid the old behavior?

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