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Full MIDI Re-Map

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If you ever want to re-map your MIDI, there's two ways to do this.




The Environment.



The Environment has the advantage that the re-map notes get MIDI Recorded.

The Scripter doesn't, you'd have to go thru IAC to finally get the re-map notes to MIDI Record.


A scenario that I see a usage for this is, on a 88-keyboard, you can split the keyboard to play in two different scales.

One half, D Harmonic Minor and the other half F Major. :mrgreen:

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Hi  endud,

9 hours ago, endub said:

Is the actual script for this available somewhere?

I don't have the actual script that was originally shared, but here's my take on it:

// Function to create a menu plug-in parameter
function createMenu(name, valueStrings, defaultValue) {
  return {
    type: 'menu',
    numberOfSteps: 128,

// Create an array of menu contents with index and note names
const menuContents = MIDI._noteNames.map((noteName, i) => `${i} - ${noteName}`);

// Initialize the PluginParameters array by mapping MIDI note names
var PluginParameters = MIDI._noteNames.map((_, index) => {
  // Construct the menu name using the index and note name
  const menuName = `${index} - ${MIDI._noteNames[index]}`;
  // Create a menu object using the createMenu function
  // with a unique name, shared menu contents, and the default value based on the index
  return createMenu(menuName, menuContents, index);

// Handle incoming MIDI events
function HandleMIDI(e) {
  if (e instanceof Note) {
    // If the event is a Note event, remap the pitch based on the selected menu value
    const menuValue = GetParameter(e.pitch);
    e.pitch = menuValue;
  } else {
    // Let non-Note events pass through


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