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automation stops tracking some parameters


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Hi, I have been having an issue which on an older version of Logic I never experienced.

This is when I am recording automation, and it would happen consistently with parameters that are not continuously variable, like on/off buttons.

I arm a track in Latch mode, open a plugin window and play the song: I click on some "on" button, automation records this first event and the lane is now showing the graph for this parameter not greyed out anymore.

From now on whenever I click again this button it won't record changes to this param on the automation lane. I am forced to manually draw on the graph.


This is really annoying me. It's inefficient for me to have to locate a position and draw, rather than play the track and click a control.

Any clue? any help appreciated


Update: Made a video demonstration here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dcjsTK0vhEo2Y_ee0xmyEIFwGbWGiG1G/view?usp=sharing

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