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Shared Copy Feature (Like In Cubase)?


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Hey LPH team!


I wanted to see if anybody knows if Logic has a "Shared Copies" feature that applies to audio regions? Cubase has this feature, which essentially applies any quantization or flex time changes of one audio region to all of its copies.


Logic does seem to have this available for MIDI, where you hold shift-opt while copying, but I can't seem to dig up an equivalent for audio.


Anyone know anything like that?


Thanks everyone!

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Not as elegant as Cubase.

You can create aliases of audio files by selecting Edit/Repeat Multiple but as far as I figured it only works for trimming the region length.

You can pack the sample as a folder (Right Click/Folder/Pack Folder) (Equivalent of Cubase Part) then you can do more, but it is messy.

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