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Logic Pro X 10.6.1 in Catalina won't open


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Hey! I've been reading this forum looking for a solution for my problem but nothing seems to work :( so I decided to start my own thread because I'm starting to get desperate.


I've just updated from High Sierra to Catalina in order to get Logic Pro X 10.6.1, but now Logic doesn't open. At first it got stuck when exploring the Audio Units, then I emptied the Components folder and tried running Logic again. With the Components folder empty, the loading window freezes. I tried holding CTRL when loading and it opens, then I restart the preferences and activate Core Audio again and it freezes. I tried everything I read on the forums and saw in youtube videos and uninstalled and re-installed Logic multiple times but there's no way to run it properly. At this point I don't know what else to do, I regret updating to Catalina and 10.6.1 so much, cause everything worked just perfectly before that, I just wanted to try new Logic features. I just hope someone can help me




In the image it says "Updating information about Audio Units" that's when it freezes

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