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confusion with busses


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i am really new to busses. i have a bus 1 made, and on the mixer i scroll to the right and the bus 1 has reverb on it. (reminder: i have no clue how busses work and i don't even know if this is how you use it)


i have multiple tracks on it because i all want them to have the same reverb, and it seems to work fine when you listen to all of the tracks together.


but when i solo one track that goes to bus 1, all the other tracks on the bus bleed together and you can hear all the other tracks even though one track is soloed.


i'm probably doing something so wrong and if i am you all have my permission to laugh at me

**also, i run logic 10.4.7

any tips are appreciated, thank you!



(The highlighted one is my bus 1)

here is a screenshot of the top half of my mixer




here is a screenshot of the bottom half of my mixer



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