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Clean Up Project - confirmation [SOLVED]

Danny Wyatt

Go to solution Solved by David Nahmani,

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just want to confirm that this is how Logic operates under the hood every single time.


let's say I have a project folder with 2 Logic files (mix1, mix2)

when I use the Clean Up option, it seems that Logic is taking into account all the project files and related audio files, for example, inside the Audio Files folder I have:






both audio1 and audio2 are being used by mix1 while audio3 and audio4 are being used by mix2

when I open mix2 and use clean up it won't delete audio1 and audio2 because mix1 is using them, right? so even though the only logic project that is open is mix2, it's taking into account mix1 (not open) and all the files related to it?

at least that's what I just experienced with a project I just finished (mix2). when I used clean up it didn't delete certain wav files, because I had 2 logic files inside the same folder. when I deleted the old logic file (mix1) and used the Clean Up again, it then deleted more audio files.


I just want to make sure this is how it always works, regardless of the number of logic files and all that

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