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Bounce in Place - Stack? [SOLVED]

Danny Wyatt

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Is there a way to bounce a track stack in place, other than sending the output to another track and recording the audio or using the normal Bounce (the one that bounces the whole mix)?


Here's what I have:



As you can see I have 2 plugins on the main stack


When I collapse the stack I get this:



If I try to bounce that "region" in place, all I get is the bounced sound of the mix of the 2 tracks without the 2 plugins on the aux.

The option to bypass the plugins is not checked.

Also, even though I checked the option to include volume and pan, the bounced version increases.


Any suggestions?

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Create an empty midi region on the stacks main track, then bounce that region in place :)

EDIT There's also File>Bounce>Bounce Track in Place... if you want the whole track, not sure now :D


Thanks. The midi region option worked. So weird that a midi region does the trick but not selecting that region when the track is collapsed..

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Well, since there's no region on the main track, you're really selecting the "image" of both "subregions". On the track whith the plugins you want printed there's nothing selected...


Yes but if it shows a block, I would assume that’s what the bounce would do, especially if you can then select to bypass all plugins, include volume etc. it doesn’t seem to make sense to me, but with your option I can now do it. Just gotta get used to that idea ;)



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