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Akai MPK225 MIDI problems


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This is my first post so if I am in the wrong section, may I be forgiven.


I've been using Logic for a few years, mainly recording guitar and loops but used to input MIDI via a very basic M-Audio Keystation 49e but due to limited space and a desire to explore MIDI a little, I sold it and bought an Akai MPK225, mainly because it had transport controls and pretty good all round reviews which mentioned that the Logic preset meant that it should work pretty much out of the box.


As far as the keyboard is concerned, I have no problems but nothing else seems to work as expected - maybe I was expecting too much from a preset named 'Logic'. The transport controls don't work with the Logic preset but if I reset the Global settings, they do. Unfortunately, every time the power is cycled, the transport controls don't work again and I have to reset the Global settings again.


I searched online for clues and just got more confused as there were a couple of guides on setting up Akai MPK2s with Logic dated last year but the version of Logic was different and they were impossible to follow as the Logic settings windows were completely different to mine (10.6.1). The first one (linked below) appears to be an official Akai guide but there are some images which won't load but the second looks to be the same but with all the images:





Logic seems to be willing to get along - it recognises the MPK225 everywhere but they don't want to talk to each other. As I said, I'm pretty new to MIDI and I don't know if I should be looking for solutions on the controller or in Logic or both but I'm well out of my depth. Can anybody offer me some advice or point me to a Logic MIDI primer, please?

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To assign your transport commands:

1. Choose Logic Pro > Key Commands > Edit.

2. Select a command, for example "Play".

3. Click the "Learn New Assignent" button at the bottom right.

4. Press the Play button on the AKAI.


To assign rotary knobs to the Smart Controls pane, you can use this tutorial: https://www.logicprohelp.com/assign-midi-controller-knobs-plugin-logic-pro/

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Thanks for the reply.


I managed to follow a guide I found somewhere and modified the first preset (01 AbleLive) to work but when I try to follow the same instructions and apply the same settings to the Logic preset (13 Logic) the transport controls don't work. So, I'm just using the 01 AbleLive preset renamed to 01 Logic but the annoying thing is that whenever it is switched on the MPK225 defaults to 13 Logic.


I'm pretty sure that when I first connected it to my Mac without changing anything, the onboard arpeggiator and Pad repeat buttons worked but whenever they are selected now, in any preset, there is no output whatsoever. The weird thing is, I can see that Logic is receiving MIDI signals in the Control Bar Display when I hit the pads.

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