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Force join shortcut? [SOLVED]

Danny Wyatt

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After I posted, I found the solution. Instead of using the "Join Regions/Notes" shortcut, I use the "Join Regions per Tracks" shortcut and it does what I needed :)



I use the Join feature a lot, but I wanted to know if there is a shortcut to force join. What I mean by "force"


let's say I have an audio region with 3 snare hits and I decide that the one in the middle is not necessary.

I use the marquee to delete that hit, so now I have 2 audio regions (visually speaking), but they belong to the same audio file.

If I select those 2 and I want to join, it will bring the deleted middle hit.

The only way for me to create a new region is to, for example, change the gain of one of the other 2 regions by 0.1 dB.


I know I can use the marquee tool to create a selection and create a new audio region, but the join shortcut is just faster for me.

Now, can I force the join, even if I didn't change one of the remaining regions?

I'm looking for a faster solution, so selecting them and creating a new audio region (right click, etc), is not what I'm looking for :)

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