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[Solved] Stereo Out Automation Missing


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I definitely made volume automation, as well as plugin On/Off automation, on the Stereo Out track.


Somewhere along the way the automation went missing. I mean there is no automation "lane" at all. Nada! The automation is still in place because I can see the fader move as the song plays. I can select various "Read, Write, Touch, etc." settings and they function but I see nothing on screen as far as the nodes, etc. Of course, I don't dare attempt to change any plugin location or anything when I can't see what's going on.


I've tried Importing the Stereo Out track into an empty project. No Good.


How do I get that stuff back into the GUI?

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Thanks David, but I neglected to mention that the actual Stereo Out Track Header (to left of where automation lane should be) is not even present in the track list. I only have Stereo Out in vertical orientation in Mixer window. Having said that, the setting was for "Track" as you indicate.


Not to worry, I went back to a different backup of the project where automation track header and associated automation lane were present, imported the stereo out track, plugins, automation and notes, and Voila! all is there and functioning normally.


Sorry to have wasted anyone's time. Sure is a mystery, though how it all got corrupted.

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