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Mute and Unmute Channels With Midi Notes?

Ace Baker

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So I have a new gig hosting a talk radio show. I want to set up several different input channels, each with different plugins and a different sound. Then...


I want to press drum machine pad #1 and have it unmute channel #1, while muting the other channels.

I want to press drum machine pad #2 and have it unmute channel #2, while muting the other channels.

And so on.


I built a contraption in the Environment where a Fader as Button goes to two Transformers set to "Alternating Split" and some other stuff, and I finally got the Button to work as a toggle switch, muting one channel while unmuting the other, and vice versa. But I can't figure out how to control that Button with a MIDI note. And, I want to be able to do this with more than 2 channels.


Isn't there a way to have 1 certain MIDI note send a message for channel 1 to unmute, while channels 2,3 and 4 to mute, all at the same time?

And then a different MIDI note sends a message for channel 2 to unmute, while channels 1, 3 and 4 mute ?


Or is there a completely different way to get to the same result?


Thank you !

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Still struggling with this.


Is there a way to convert a note on message to a note off? Or, a way to "Fix" the note velocity to value of 0? When I use a transformer, I can "Fix" the velocity to any given value, except when I set the "Fix" value to 0, it outputs a velocity of 1. Why is that?

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David, thank you.


So I play C2, and it sends Fader #9, value 0 to channel 1, Fader # 9 value 1 to channels 2, 3 and 4.


Play D2, and it sends Fader # 9, value 0 to channel 2, Fader # 9 value 1 to channels 1, 3 and 4.


And so on.


Is this the correct reasoning? And if so, how would I do that ?

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Since I don't need the transport at all, I have a different idea for a solution, using automation and markers.


Use automation to mute and unmute channels at Marker 1, Marker 2 and so on.


The key commands can be used to jump around to different markers, and that works perfectly to mute and unmute.


But how to I use MIDI notes to Goto Markers ?


I saw this thread viewtopic.php?t=75242


with something like that, using Touch Tracks, but it requires the transport to be running, and that doesn't solve my problem. I am basically just using Logic as a Mixer, and want to store "Scenes", and switch instantly back and forth from one "Scene" to another using MIDI notes.

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