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iOS Music Production on iPad?

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Logic will always be my primary DAW, but lately I’m doing more and more song writing, sampling and sound design on my iPad. Several free apps from Ampify (Launhpad, Blocs Wave & Groovebox) got me hooked, and now I’m looking at other iOS instruments, effects and even DAWs. If Logic was available for iOS, I’m not sure I’d use it! Logic is very capable in my studio, where I have keyboards, audio interfaces and control surfaces all hooked up and ready to go. I’m not looking to replace my studio with my iPad. These iOS apps are different, innovative and have specific purposes.


“Mobile” music production is something different. These iOS apps are typically designed differently for touch screen, and they’re easy and fun. There are iOS DAWs like Cubasis, BeatMaker 3, Auria Pro and Apple GarageBand but I don’t know if these would fit into my workflow. For now, I’m enjoying several music tools for iOS and the mobile advantages of taking my iPad wherever I go.


Is anybody else using iOS music apps feeding Logic, as part of their workflow?

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Hi Nunstummy, I don't use iOS apps but I'm aware Moog synths and effects are free for a limited time on the app store. Thought I'd let you know.


If I'm away I take my laptop and a little Akai keyboard. I've got Tracktion Waveform which is a free DAW, and has some nifty programs to easily write midi patterns and chord progressions. Can then just save the midi and transfer the over to Logic when I get home.

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Yes I use the iPad all the time. Then finish projects and logic on my MacBook Air. there’s also a function that you export to iOS then open up the project on your iPad and add tracks in garageband etc. with AUV3 plug-ins, synths and then go back-and-forth it’s amazing. They complement each other. Also: Logic Remote app on ipad is amazing. Also there is a possibility that we might get a better garage band for the new iPad Pro or maybe even logic light in June at WWDC?
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