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Bug: Go to Selection End doesn't work properly since Logic 10.6 update.


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Behaviour shown here:



Here I'm navigating with "Go to Selection Start" and "Go to Selection End". Both work as expected until an audio clip is split. Then the first half of the split will not position the locator correctly when using "Go to Selection End", instead it ends up on a random position further away. It seems related to length of the event. Tried setting the snapping on/off.


This is the 5:th bug this week that renders my workflow a pain. I don't believe I've had this much problems with Logic for years.


EDIT: It seems that the Go To Selection End has been set to some kind of "minimum value" from the selection start. This is also present on events that aren't split. Under a certain length, the locator will not move closer to the selection start.

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I understand how frustrating it is to have a KC not work or misfunction after you have been using it for ages. I've watched your video and seen how it seems to function sometimes and not other times ( though it would have been helpful if you had zoomed in more on the screen recording)...


So.... to do what you are doing I have always used a different method and it goes like this ( takes me milliseconds to execute:


1/ Set Locators by Object - my KC= U - eg click select object big or small and press U


2/ Go to Left Locator KC = [ left square bracket


3/ Go to Right Locator KC = ] right square bracket


..or Key Commands of your choice :)

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