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Smarter Quantize Script


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Is there anyone on here that makes Scripter files for MIDI Quantizing?


Im looking for someone to make a script for a Smarter type of Quantization for MIDI Drums, that would keep the feel and ghost notes of a recorded MIDI Drum piece, while also tightening up the peformance.


I have tried achieving this by playing in my drum tracks on an Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit, then Quantizing to 1/16 and then playing with Q-Strength, Q-Range, and Q-Velocity but it just doesnt sound right in that it never keeps all my ghost snare notes.


I was thinking that maybe something that could Quantize to the same Rhythm as 'Drummer' might do it.


Any help REALLY appreciated as this is doing my head in! haha.


I must admit I have been focusing on achieving this under the Region Quantize settings, rather than going into the Piano Roll and moving each note individually..

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