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possible bug: MIDI velocity in Live Loops


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This is happening on 10.5.1:

Bug Velocity.logicx.zip

Simple two-bar loop (length doesn't seem to matter) with manually input notes (or recorded notes, doesn't seem to matter).


The goal was to create a velocity "fade in".

Select all, and draw with the Automation tool the fade in in the velocity lane:


This has no audible effect, neither when doing it when stopped nor during playback. Stopping the cell or all loops also doesn't have any effect. For the new velocities to be actually heard it is necessary to select one of the notes and drag it up or down; after this the newly changed velocities take over. However similar following velocity edits still show the same problem.

I haven't yet tested if other parameters are equally affected. Or perhaps I'm doing something wrong?


The behavior was verified on two different machines with empty projects.

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Yes, I tested in 10.6.2 here. I even tested it in a new empty project with a new MIDI loop I recorded using the Musical Typing window. Then changed the velocity, no change. I dragged all the notes one semi-tone down, I could hear the new velocities. I then pressed Command-Z to undo and the notes went back to their original pitch but this time I could hear the new velocities.
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More Live Loops weirdness, this time involving the list editor.


When opening the list editor when one cell is selected it doesn't show the cell's contents but the cell overview. Not particularly worrisome yet.


Clicking on a note in the piano roll for the cell brings the cell's content into the list editor:


Now let's imagine that for some reason I want to increase all the controller #1 values. I filter on controllers in the list editor and "select all":


When I now grab one of the controller #1 values and start dragging it the list editor switches to this display:


For comparison: this is how the list editor originally looked in this scenario:



(The bug also occurs when trying to change just a single event in the List Editor in Live Loops mode - regardless if it's a controller or a note).

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