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Auto Set Locators bug? 10.6.2


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I've had this problem in several of my projects where suddenly turning cycle mode on sets the cycle region to a single arbitrary position unrelated to my selection (118 to 119 in this particular project).


This happens with the "C" key command or by manually hitting the cycle button on the control bar but not when clicking on the cycle region itself.


The expected behaviour is to have the cycle locators set automatically by region selection (auto set locators by region selection is checked). If auto select locators is off then the bug goes away.


Things I've tried:


- creating a new project and importing everything from the 'broken' track makes it go away, so something changed specifically in these projects to cause the issue.


- removed logic's preference files and restarted my laptop


- there are no markers, automation points, tempo changes or time signature markings at this point.


I will also note that this has happened to me before with older versions of logic on different computers in the past, so I'm wondering if this is actually a bug or user error somehow? The most recent project this started happening in was created with the current version of logic and OSX.



P.S. I made a thread about this almost 3 years ago! Exactly the same issue back to haunt me. :(


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^ yessir, this is only an issue when By Region Selection is checked.


I've already imported everything into a new project, so everything is working fine now, but I'd still like to know the source of this problem?


It seems like the variable thats keeping track of the left and right locators is getting reset whenever cycle mode gets turned on... how and why this happens I have no idea?


I'd imagine theres a way to fix this by going into one of the project's plst files but that sounds like a big time sink.

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