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Translating 'audio' track to 'midi' notes?

Ben Ged Low

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Somewhere in the manual I came across something about Logic being able to 'read' an audio file and translate it into a 'score' or 'midi' file?


I'm out of town without my manual and need to do just that ... translate audio to midi.


If anyone can refer me to the 'title' I can look it up under in Logic itself, that would be much appreciated.





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Open your Audio Region in the Sample Editor, then go to Functions > Audio to Score. It will create a MIDI Region on the selected Track in Arrange.


It can't decipher chords (no software could), so to make it work you need rythmic material (if all you want is the rythm pattern, to make a groove template for example) or monophonic material (wind instrument, voice...).

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Thank you David, it works great...



Now if only I can get the singer to sing on pitch. Aha! Did I see that in GarageBand they have something that 'adjusts' pitch? That 'tunes' a slightly out of tune voice? Or was that just a rumour....


I got the ESX to read all the LiquidCinema files ... thank you most kindly for that help, it'll make this project infinitely easier.



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