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Bounce By Region Colour

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I would REALLY love to be able to do this:


My sessions end up being huge, unwieldy, sprawling things with regions scattered throughout the arrange page. More often than not these are orchestral mockups which I'll then stem and demo before recording with an orchestra. I've been using LUNA a lot recently as a last port of call for these stems and I'm struck by how easy it is to export stems there. There are various ways to do this in Logic too but I do have a suggestion to make things quicker maybe?


I colour all my stems in their groups together i.e. Strings, Brass, Woodwind etc etc, then I use 'select all same colour', solo lock and bounce and I get my stem. The advantage to this is that when I inevitably make changes later on, those regions stand out as different colours until I'm happy and I then I incorporate into the stem colour and then re-stem. It also means I don't necessarily have to organise everything together if it's better not to for other reasons - select all same colour is a brilliant key command.


Could there be a function: Stem by region colour, or bounce by region colour or something. Spend the time logically colouring everything, set up a cycle and then just press one button... it would be a game-changer for me.


Someone will tell me there's a better way to do this already so please let me know if so, this is just a way that would really suit my workflow. I know I can put things into folders and then bounce those tracks easily but I've never got on with doing that, involves too much work and there's never enough time. Apologies also if this has been suggested elsewhere





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