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Changing speed and reverse a track


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I'm recovering some old 4-track cassette tapes (from a multitrack recorder) recorded at twice the speed and two of them are in the opposite direction. How can I change the speed to double? How can I reverse the order of the whole track?

and another question... how can I fix the display of a track that has the wrong wave pattern (the wave pattern does not match the audio)?



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Engage Flex Speed on the recorded Region(s), then change the tempo of Logic to 60bpm.


On the reversed Regions, I assume you played the 4track tape twice on a stereo recorder and got the reversed tracks on the second pass. Go into the Audio File Editor and use the destructive Reverse command there. Since that second pass was nowhere near sync in terms of position, direction or speed, you will have to do quite some cleanup with Flex markers to make it line up with the first, forward pass.


So much that it may be smarter to just re-record it...

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