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Delay during MIDI recording due to Template tracks & inserts


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Hello, guys.


I recently switched to an All-in-One Template or both composing and mixing, as some of you guy suggested here in the forum.

It's surely easier to work with and less painful compared to the whole "track exporting stuff" I used to do.

The only thing is: many plugins are inserted and ready to be used in this template, since I'll be mixing directly here, but now I have huge delays during recording.

I already set the Buffer Size to 128 (even at lower rates it doesn't solve the problem), but the only way I can get rid of the annoying delay is by turning on Low Latency Mode. Which is fine, but I cannot hear the sends effect while writing music. I have to switch Low Latency Mode on and off between writing and working on effects.


Do you guys think it's possible to work this way as well?


Also, this whole delay thing is due to the power of my Mac not being enough to make the whole template (tracks and inserts) run smoothly? Do you think having a way more powerful Mac, RAM and CPU wise would solve this problem?

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I am indeed using all of the above.

The thing is, I have them inserted on my Mix Bus or Master Bus, they are turned off but I guess it doesn't matter.

The fact is, I wanna have them in the Template as it's ready to be used for working.


Would a higher specs Mac resolve the issue?

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