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Is it possible to quantize percussive audio regions?


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(Thinking this through I think I figured this one out in my specific case, but please read, I want to be certain.)


I converted percussive audio to MIDI, but that produced an electronic drum kit region. I am using a Roland SPD-11 to create drum one shots and loops, it sounds more authentic than any default software instrument from Logic. How would one go about quantizing without painstakingly converting to MIDI and lining up the audio and MIDI?


What I just thought of was that if I connected a MIDI cable from the SPD-11 to my audio interface, I could then create MIDI data. This might seem pretty dumb to some, but it was an epiphany for me at my level of music production :lol: . Is this a correct approach in order to start quantizing the "audio" produced from the octopad. As it stands I have been using a 1/4 to 1/4 jack cable instead of a MIDI cable.


But if anyone can answer the overarching question which is if one can quantize audio, I would like to know. But my intuition suggests that no, one would have to convert the audio to MIDI.

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Sure you can quantize audio.


So when you record the audio that comes from the Roland on an audio track, you can quantize it later.

You can set Flex to quantize the region after it was created in the region parameter box on the left. So everything you record would get automatically quantized, but you still have to double check that it's right afterwards.


Flex Time has many options or modes, depending if the source is percussion, instruments or vocals.

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